Colin Morey
Humber Comedy graduate, Host of Spooked!, Lover of corndogs.

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Spooked! (9)

Feb 21 2022 Guest

Ep. 322 – Kyle Scott

The Spooky Back Alley
Mar 30 2020 Guest

Ep. 231 – Best Ghost Movie?

The Spooky Bracket! Today on Spooked! We pit 16 movies against each other to try and determine the best ghost movie of all time! Will your favourite win? So grab your bracket, get your DVD player, and get ready to get Spooked!
Aug 12 2019 Guest

Ep. 200 – Spooktacular 4 Pt. 1

Today on Spooked! It's our four year anniversary and we got more guests than you can shake a stick at! It's a spooky celebration, so grab your Dracula costumes, get some punch, and get ready to get Spooktaculared!
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