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  • Feb 26 2021

    Devon Henderson and Joseph Winkleschnitz

    Highly unwed Hattie Winkleschnitz (Devon Henderson) of the old money Winkleschnitz clan, joins the boys from her families' compound to discuss the foul play surrounding the death of their patriarch.
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  • Sep 04 2018

    The Utility Closet

    Sister Zeenon (Jackie Twomey) and Sister Wynon (Devon Henderson) managed to escape the cruel conditions of cult life, only to find themselves trapped yet again. The two slowly deprogram themselves as they find their independence and inhale a whole ton...
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  • Jul 20 2018

    Devon Henderson, Jackie Twomey, And Lint Spindleman

    In the last remaining Sears, a body is found under a clothes rack. Isabella St. Clair (Devon Henderson), and Chet Burley (Jackie Twomey) - Sears employee and ex-employee, respectively - dissect secret handshakes, Chet's band, and non-sexual energies.
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  • Dec 24 2017

    172: Miracle on 34th Street – with Jackie Twomey and Devon Henderson

    It's the third week of Decem-BEARD, and this week's movie is the most festive beard of all. A Santa Beard. We're doing “Miracle on 34th Street” featuring another incredible Duo "TwoSon". Which is made up of two incredible people, Jackie...
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