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  • Jan 26 2022

    Episode 9.231: Steven Mann & Dylan Gott

    We've got zone talk, deadline moves to make, NFTs and Top Shot and the best role player!
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  • Oct 28 2021

    Episode 9.219: Alan Shane Lewis & Dylan Gott

    Boucher, Flynn and the rotation, Edward Rogers vs Masai, surprising teams, and good players in bad situations!
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  • May 20 2020

    Episode 7.150: Dylan Gott & Bobby Brown

    It’s been a fun five weeks watching The Last Dance. It gave us the basketball content we so desperately needed during this ongoing crisis and we’re grateful for it. And now it’s over! With Dylan Gott and Bobby Brown.
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  • Nov 16 2018

    Episode 6.85: Will Weldon & Dylan Gott

    Raptors are 12-3 and on a two-game losing streak with Boston next on Friday. RAPTORS: Casey's revenge game. What stood out? A couple bad losses or an omen? With special guests Will Weldon and Dylan Gott!
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  • Jan 05 2018

    Episode 5.54: Dylan Gott & Alan Shane Lewis

    Episode 54 coming in hotter than a Mama Burger! Raptors are 26-10, we got lots to talk about: DeMar's big 52-point game, Kyle's wrist vs benching Powell, Casey's coach of the month... Special guests on this ep, comedians Dylan Gott...
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  • Nov 23 2014

    Episode 2.02: Dylan Gott

    We’re coming off the bench HOT Lou-Williams-style! Raptors are at the top with a hot 11-2 start and we couldn’t be happier, but are they earning their wins??
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  • Nov 13 2014

    Dylan Gott

    Dylan Gott is pretty much every Toronto stand up's favourite stand up comedian and his sports themed podcast that he co-hosts with Graham Kay called The Sports Brahs is constantly gaining tons of fans.
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