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  • Jul 26 2021

    Courtney Love (ft. Emily Richardson)

    Toxic Cobain stans need not listen!
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  • Jul 05 2019

    Episode 29 – Spider-Man 2 with Emily Richardson

    We watch the classic superhero movie. Alex knows too much about Spider-Man, Emily knows exclusively about Spider-Man 2 and has an intervention. Vite calls every single man in this movie attractive.
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  • Dec 07 2018

    Coaching your date w/Emily Richardson | Fckgirls Ep. 17

    We were SO lucky to be joined by Emily Richardson this week. We talk about putting it all out there early in the relationship, and the key to decent conversation on a date.
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  • Dec 29 2017

    Emily Richardson And Jimmy

    Closing out 2017 is the death of Horton Peters, tamborinist, and manager of The Beer Store. Found by fellow employee Jackie Starch (Emily Richardson), drained of blood and stuffed in a keg, Horton’s past is explored - from tall judges,...
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  • Nov 06 2017

    Ep. 108 Emily Richardson

    The Spooky Playground Today on Spooked! Damien can’t find his cigarettes, Colin wants to have children slide down his face, Cody just wants to get on with his rectal exam, Kjartan is the coolest cat on the playground, and Emily...
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  • Mar 10 2017

    Emily Richardson And Lucas

    YEAH BABY. Oshawa school bus driver Linda Hunter (Emily Richardson)finds a child dead on her bus - Pat, the weird, poor, pervert. The boys learn about Pat's service chicken, Linda's previous young loves, and advertise iced tea. Lucas, hottest kid...
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  • Oct 21 2016

    126: Amadeus – with Emily Richardson

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Amadeus” Featuring the hilarious Emily Richardson Famous Quote: “I’m eating poop.”
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