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  • Mar 27 2020

    Emma Decorte And Rob Lewin

    (Recorded March 8, 2020) Ladies' man of the Boat Show, Jerky Petrone (Emma Decorte) has found the body of his boat show friend in the cockpit of a yellow 60 footer.
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  • Mar 16 2020

    Live at Toronto Sketchfest 2020

    Andy has a bad back and the Coronavirus has shut down most of the city, but Rollie and Ev are listening to podcast pitches for their new network in this live recording for Toronto Sketchfest.
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  • Apr 19 2019

    Emma Decorte and Tony

    After a body is crushed with a forklift, warehouse manager and friendly guy Simpson Dart (Emma Decorte) gives some insight into the world of JP Morgan supply management. Tony the Doorman's help also comes in handy, colouring the burgeoning war...
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