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  • Jun 30 2017

    Eric Miinch

    We've got a silly one, for Episode 84. It's actor Eric Miinch, talking about role play he finds disturbing, disturbing moles in disturbing places, and his new Fringe play, Caitlin and Eric are Broken Up.
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  • Feb 24 2017

    Eric Miinch And Walter Feathertickle

    A woman is found dead in the port-o-potty at a concert, and venue owner Rick Stevenson (Eric Miinch) drops by to sort through fact and acid flashback. The logistics of a baker's dozen are explored, as well as the history...
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  • Jan 01 2015

    055: New Year’s Eve – with Eric Miinch

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “New Years Eve” for this very special New Years Edition of THAT’S HOW I REMEMBER IT. Featuring the hilarious Eric Miinch! If you want to see more of Eric, check out his amazing sketch troupe...
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