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Eva Bloom

Sex research nerd and sex educator

Appeared on

  • Dec 27 2020

    Eva Bloom

    This is Bed Post's holiday livestream with The 12 Days Of Sonar! Erin and special guest Eva Bloom talk about sex toys.
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  • Nov 10 2019

    Nadine Thornhill and Eva Bloom

    This episode, Erin chats with Nadine Thornhill and Eva Bloom from Sex Ed School. These three sex educators discuss why parents have a hard time with "the talk", age appropriate sex education, and Nadine and Eva's YouTube series Sex Ed...
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  • Apr 14 2019

    Eva from What’s My Body Doing

    Erin interviews YouTube Sex Educator Eva. Listen along to this enthusiastic episode, as they speak about some of Eva's favourite topics to talk about on her series What's My Body Doing. Get ready to hear all about sexting, bisexuality, and...
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