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Fisher Price

Fisher Price is a larger then life bearded creature queen growing from Toronto’s queer west end. Having won the title of Toronto’s Bent Beauty Supreme at the Gladstone 3 years ago, Fisher hosts two monthly shows, one at the iconic west end bar The Beaver and the other at the super sultry sex-positive space Oasis Aqua Lounge. Inspired by pop culture, fashion, and cartoons, Fisher Price loves to twist the perception of beauty and have will always have you swirling and twirling the night away at her shows. She comes with a choking hazard cause you’ll be gagging when you see her.

Appeared on

  • Apr 29 2019

    RuPaul’s Drag Race 11 | L.A.D.P.! w/ FISHER PRICE!

    House of Lix (Vicki Lix, Selena Vyle) get a knock at their backdoor when everyone's favorite face-kini joins them, Fisher Price! They dissect moment by moment Rupaul's Drag Race S11 E9, simulation drag, celebrity sex videos, and what is a...
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