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Freddie Rivas

Freddie Rivas is a performer and creator from Toronto and can be seen on CBC’s True Dating Stories and According To Kids. Freddie has Performed in festivals across Canada like JUST FOR LAUGHS, Spur, Field Trip, Puppets Up!, JFL42, NXNE among others. Freddie has worked with some of the best in puppetry and comedy alike. His live show Rapp Battlez was a 2018 selection for JUST FOR LAUGHS and JFL42 twice, and won the 2013 Canadian Comedy Award for best live show.

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  • Aug 04 2021

    A Dude On Mushrooms Pitches Termites (with Freddie Rivas)

    Derick Hobsbaum has an idea that will revolutionize how the Rats build things. Featuring Jacob Greco, Chris Sandiford and Mark Little with special guest Freddie Rivas
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  • May 25 2021

    Drag Race Down Under | Rucycled! w/ Freddie Rivas!

    The House Of Lix (Selena Vyle/HIllary Yaas) review Drag Race Down Under's design challenge with guest Freddie Rivas!
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  • Oct 25 2019

    Freddie Rivas And Huckleberry Harn

    Honey Harbour's star ringette player is found floating by the town docks, near that small library and the park. Sports radio host Harry Hopper (Freddie Rivas) brings his catchphrases and passion for a specific kind of videography to the investigation.
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  • Jul 11 2018

    Rooftop Gardener Freddie Rivas

    Our guest is Freddie Rivas, who tells us what it’s like to run a rooftop garden in a massive apartment building in downtown Toronto. He also spills the beans on his love of basketball.
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  • Jul 09 2018

    3 – Hook Ups

    Lindsay and her guests share their most notable hook up/ one-night stand experiences and have an in depth discussion about hook up culture. Guests include: Ashley Botting, Freddie Rivas, Shanda Bezic, Briana Templeton and Jillian Welsh.
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