Gavin Pounds
Gavin Pounds is a comedian and actor originally from Barrie, Ontario. When not attempting to remove tahini stains from his clothes, he can be found performing sketch, improv, and stand up comedy all over Toronto and North America. He is known for his appearances in The Boys (2019), The Umbrella Academy (2019) and Run (2020).

Guest Appearances

Killed to Death (10)

Killed to Death
Jan 20 2023 Guest

Gavin Pounds and Doc B

If you got a boat in the water, dockworker Clancy Scope (Gavin Pounds) has a hand to help.
Sep 02 2022 Guest

The Kids’ Table

4 attendees of a dinner party come together to figure out what happened to the mansion's owner. Miss Cerulean (Shannon Lahaie), Mr. Rumpleton (Laura Del Maschio), Gladis (Alex Cabrera-Aragon), and house servant Klog (Gavin Pounds).
Jul 02 2021 Guest

Gavin Pounds and The Strangler

Wrestler Rick Pickems, better known as The Vlogger (Gavin Pounds) comes across the body of an old wrestling referee.
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