Goerge Basil
Audiences may recognize George William Basil from his appearances in commercials for Vonage (conversing easily with passers-by in a multitude of languages as he made the case for its international calling plan), DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket, or his stint as mayor of Whatever, USA, for Budweiser. From his early days in "Roller Town" (2011), he tickled audiences' funny bones with his portrayal of a staffer at a small-market TV station in the TV movie "Newsers" (2014) and as the title character in the TV miniseries "St. Peter Meets" (2014). He also had roles in a number of film shorts, including "Leap Frog" and "Ghost Story Club" (both from 2015). His knack for comedy continued with a role as The Cooler in the Will Arnett series "Flaked" (Netflix 2016-17), a guest spot on the network sitcom "The Good Place" (NBC 2016- ), a recurring role as Chet in the series "Wrecked" (TBS 2016- ), and the TV miniseries "Pretty Vacant."
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