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  • Jun 04 2018

    Tenant Mike Flies SOLO!

    Special guest and “dog landlord” Glenn Macaulay stops by to help out, talk about caring for man’s best friend and discuss fresh Ontario produce. But without James around, is the episode any good???
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  • Apr 19 2017

    An Interview With Prospective Tenant Rick Rawhouse

    James and Michael interview prospective tenant Rick Rawhouse! Rick—a well-meaning but uncouth suburbanite who longs to live in the big city—paints a detailed picture of his life as a junk scavenger, rock and roller and all-around hoser.
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  • Aug 12 2015

    Glenn Macaulay

    Glenn Macaulay, hilarious and awesome dude. A fixture in the Toronto comedy scene starting in sketch comedy and now runs a very popular monthly show called Weird Al Karaoke where comedians perform their own original parody songs.
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