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Greg Roberts

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  • Apr 24 2018

    183: Mr. Mom – with Greg Roberts

    SOUPS ON!!! The Nice Guys are back with a mini-episode where they flawlessly recreate the 80s classic "Mr. Mom". Remember Mr. Mom? The movie embodiment of 80s heteronormativity? Well this is our version.
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  • Nov 02 2015

    096: Hocus Pocus – LIVE with Greg Roberts

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Hocus Pocus”, LIVE from the Ossington in Toronto. Featuring the UNBREAKABLE GREG ROBERTS! Famous Quote: “Flying through the sky in my ’64”
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  • Jun 14 2014

    028: Under Siege – with Greg Roberts

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Under Siege”. Featuring Greg Roberts! Famous Quote: “Oh, I’m Under Siege.”
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  • Apr 01 2014

    018: Ghost Dad – with Greg Roberts

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Ghost Dad”. Featuring the very funny Greg “Bending” Roberts! Famous Quote: “Sucks to you Mananas.” Have you ever lost a loved one too soon, and wished you could have had one more day with them?...
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