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  • Jan 04 2021

    87 – Muslims Getting Triggered w/ Hassan Chaudhry

    Abbas Wahab chats with Hassan Chaudhry (Comedian) about the Canada Revenue Agency scam, how Muslims are easy to trigger, the immigrant dad character, Quran teachers (Dugsi), who tips the most on Uber Eats, the mentally challenged, and types of Khutbahs.
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  • Apr 28 2020

    51 – Bad Wedding Gigs w/ Hassan Chaudhry

    Hassan Chaudhry, Comedian/Pakistani Guy, came on by and we talk about Ramadan, performing at weddings, Michael Jordan's The Last Dance, and the best hookah flavour.
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  • Aug 06 2019

    15 – Rawalpindi w/ Hassan Chaudhry

    Hassan Chaudhry, Comedian/Balding Man, came on by and we talk about growing up in Saudi Arabia as a Pakistani dude, the illuminati, early porn experiences overseas. We also address the state of our respective balding, and a lot more!
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