Jackie Pirico
Jackie Pirico is a Guelph-born, Toronto-based comedian who's part of the comedy collective Laugh Sabbath. Self-proclaimed pet journalist, Jackie makes the greatest Instagram Stories investigating all the various aspects of her precious pet, Nutland. Check out Jackie's amazing stand-up album, Dream Phone, on Spotify or anywhere else!

Guest Appearances

The Landlord and Tenant Podmess (9)

The Landlord and Tenant Podmess
Apr 21 2021 Guest

Steven Tyler, Cats and Braces with Jackie Pirico!

Dec 24 2020 Guest

Traditional Holiday Livestream w/ Jackie Pirico & Chris Locke

Our guests are US Weekly North Pole gossip reporter Jackie Pirico and a mysterious man who spends the holidays cheering up sad men aka Chris Locke.
Oct 13 2020 Guest

The Comedian Jackie Pirico!

Our guest this week is comedian Jackie Pirico! Be sure to follow Jackie on Twitter and get her album "Dream Phone" HERE!
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