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  • Nov 29 2021

    Ep. 310 – Jacob Sharpe A Few Years Later

    The Spooky Coronation Today on Spooked! Cody gets fried, Damien lobs some curds, and Jacob slurps up some sleep. It's all about finding the true Burger King, so get your crown shined, iron out your royal robes and get ready...
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  • Sep 04 2017

    Ep. 100 Spooktacular 2 pt. 1

    The Spooky 100 Today on Spooked! we celebrate our 2 year anniversary, 100 episodes! Packed full of so many great guests we tell three spooky stories guaranteed to get you excited for part 2! So here's to two years of...
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  • May 23 2016

    Ep. 34 Marc Hallworth, Kristy LaPointe, and Jacob Sharpe

    The Spooky Lawyer Office! In this week's special episode we've got guests galore! Marc, Kristy, and Jacob all stop by for a spooktacular story. Marc Hallworth is a greasy lawyer, Jacob Sharpe has two tits, Cody has two balls, Colin...
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  • May 02 2016

    Ep. 31 Jacob Sharpe Returns!

    The Spooky Meat Freezer! Today on Spooked! Colin is a terrible son, Nigel argues with his inner demons, Damien is a meat man, Jacob Sharpe wants more pay, and Cody says wow. So get ready to get Spooked!
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  • Sep 23 2015

    Ep. 1 Jacob Sharpe

    The Spooky School Bus Driver And The Last Kid! In this week’s episode, Nigel discovers his inner child, Jacob Sharpe gets the ghostly royal treatment, Damien does inappropriate things in a tree and Cody is an asshole owl. All this...
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