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Jan Caruana

Jan’s career has been interesting and varied. She is a multiple Canadian Comedy Award winner and has performed across North America in a variety of comedy shows. A mainstay of many Toronto stages, Jan co-wrote and performed in the Second City Toronto’s critically and audience acclaimed revues The Meme-ing of Life and We Can Be Heroes (named one of NOW Magazines Top Ten Shows of that year). Jan was a member of the cast of “One Night Only”, a fully improvised two-act musical and was part of the Off- Broadway workshop production in 2018. She was also the winner of a Dora Award as part of the ensemble for “The Wonder Pageant”. She has appeared in films and television shows including Baroness Von Sketch (where she is also a writer), Pretty Hard Cases, Odd Squad, Mean Girls and Kim’s Convenience.

Jan is a Canadian Screen Award nominated writer for her work on City TV's Sunnyside and the YTV youth sketch show That’s So Weird, creating some of the series most memorable and colourful characters. She is also very proud to have written for the Nickelodeon shows Make it Pop and The Other Kingdom,  the international sensation The Next Step.


Appeared on

  • Sep 17 2021

    Jan Caruana and Clancy Chattingham

    Upon opening her storage locker, Sapphire Mandelbaum (Jan Caruana) encounters the body of the facilities' manager.
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  • Aug 30 2021

    S01E02: Food and the Internet with Jan Caruana

    Hosts Hisham and Mat are joined by Toronto comedian and foodie Jan Caruana. They bite into bánh mì sandwiches, talk about the right time to throw in the towel on home cooking and just order pizza, and debate their fave...
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  • Aug 16 2021

    Chapter 6. Giovanni Dupré, or: How’s He Hiding the Genitals?

    Jan Caruana (CBC's Because News) is here for the life and times of 19th Century Italy's second-greatest sculptor! From his sad childhood to the creepy courtship of his wife, learn what made this talented man who could simply NOT turn...
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  • Jun 21 2021

    Ep. 290 -Jan Caruana Returns!

    The Spooky Attic Today on Spooked! Damien gets some free bats, Cody wakes up in a damp bed, and Jan is dead, but misunderstood. It's all about making a house a home, so make some memories, get your 'Bless This...
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  • May 13 2021

    Minisode: Eat the damn mayonnaise (with Jan Caruana)

    Surprise: It’s a minisode! It’s not a full episode - just some bonus clips that we could not fit into last week’s show, but wanted to share with you regardless. Enjoy and subscribe! Follow Finders Grievers on Instagram & Twitter...
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  • May 06 2021

    Episode 01. Fast Eddie (with Jan Caruana)

    This week, Shohana sits down with Canadian Comedy award-winning writer and performer Jan Caruana, to discuss singing in your sleep, audition angels, and writing happy comedy about sad things.
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  • Dec 23 2020

    Jan Caruana

    This week Tricia sits down with comedian, writer, & Instagram cook Jan Caruana. These two buds chat the holidays, cooking and Jan's time filming the movie Mean Girls (yes she was in THE MEAN GIRLS), also a plethora of incredible...
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  • Mar 29 2019

    Jan Caruana And Sandy

    Contestant on reality show "Everybody Kiss" Shauna Wainwright (Jan Caruana) was present when the corpse of host Derek Haverchuck was found in the confession closet.
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  • Nov 20 2018

    Coffee & Tea Extravaganza! with Jan Caruana

    Our guest is teaspoon entrepreneur Jan Caruana, who stops by to talk about the finer points of hand stamping antique teaspoons AND the latest in coffee and tea culture.
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  • Sep 17 2018

    Ep. 153 – Jan Caruana

    The Spooky Baseball Today on Spooked! Cody gives his own commentary, Colin just won't shower, Damien wants to see some dingers, and Jan talks with some of the other guys and they got some opinions on things. It's a day...
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  • Jun 26 2018

    The Landlord And Tenant Podmess LIVE!

    This week Michael and James are presenting their first ever live episode, recorded at Toronto’s Bad Dog Theatre on June 22, 2018. Guests include Kurt Smeaton, Brandon Ash-Mohammed, Jan Caruana, Aaron Eves and Evany Rosen.
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  • Dec 21 2016

    Musical Improv (LIVE)

    It's the finale of Season 3! In this episode of The Backline LIVE, a reluctant Adam takes a tour through the world of musical improv with some of Toronto's best musical performers.
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  • Oct 26 2016

    Women In Comedy at #BCIF2016

    As part of Big City Improv Festival, we held a panel discussion feature 9 incredible women to talk about their journey in comedy. Featuring: Jan Caruana, Ify Chiwetelu, Monica Heisey, Allison Hogg, Lisa Merchant, Maribeth Monroe, Jaime Moyer, Paloma Nunez,...
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  • Aug 20 2015

    Women in Comedy

    This week Rob Norman does his best impression of Ira Glass! It’s an entire episode dedicated to the stories of funny women across North America: Stacey Hallal (Portland), Stacey McGunnigle (Los Angeles), Jan Caruana (Toronto), Ashley Botting (Toronto), Susan Messing...
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