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  • Dec 21 2020

    The 2020 Holiday Special

    It's the season finale! LIVE FROM THE LONDON PALLADIUM in Soho, Rob and Adam celebrate 200 episodes of their award-winning, critically acclaimed podcast in front of a live audience.
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  • Oct 20 2020

    The Space Station

    Peter (Jason DeRosse) and Angela (Stacey McGunnigle) could not have picked a worse time to end their relationship.
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  • Apr 24 2020

    Jason DeRosse and a Mysterious Billionaire

    Spud Longley (Jason DeRosse), private submarine captain, finds the body of his brother during one of his land excursions.
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  • Jun 13 2019

    Episode 6.110: Cathryn Naiker, Gary Rideout Jr., Ned Petrie, Thomas Rivas, Elisa Nobrega & Jason DeRosse

    A tough, weird, emotional loss in game 05 has the Raptors heading back to Oakland with a 3-2 lead in the series. They could win it all tonight!! Special guests: Cathryn Naiker, Gary Rideout Jr., Ned Petrie, Thomas Rivas ,...
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  • Nov 27 2018

    Episode 6.87: Jason DeRosse & Matt Henry

    We're at the quarter-mark of the season already and the Raptors are first place overall with a 17-4 record! How did Vince Carter scoring 25,000 against the raps make us feel? With special guests Jason DeRosse and Matt Henry!
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  • Apr 02 2018

    Ep. 130 – Jason DeRosse

    The Spooky Hot Tub Today on Spooked! Cody holds his breath for 20 minutes, Colin needs a dentist, Damien has a reservation for 10 people at 6:30, and Jason has an idea for a song. We're just a bunch of...
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  • Mar 23 2018

    Jason DeRosse And Jellybean Jake

    A body is found stuck on top of the roller coaster at the local flea market - and carny Derek Scrate (Jason DeRosse) looks for answers. Jamaican patties, mushrooms, and a certain carpet cleaner salesman could all have played their...
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  • Aug 05 2017

    152: Matchstick Men – with Jason Derosse

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Matchstick Men” featuring the legendary Jason Derosse! Famous Quote: “That cat has a gun!!”
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  • Apr 14 2017

    Jason DeRosse And 8 Babies

    Upon opening an airplane bathroom door, Hawaii-Santa Clint Frolf (Jason DeRosse) stumbled across the body of a fellow traveller, Alastair. Clint spends most of the time recalling said passenger's unfunny, perverted antics, and gross body. And Hawaiian Christmas celebrations. And...
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