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  • Oct 29 2018

    Ep. 159 – Jessica Perkins

    The Spooky Jet Lag Today on Spooked! Cody gives a guy uppies, Colin takes Dave Matthews too seriously, Damien flushes a baby down a blue water toilet, and Jessica gets promoted to pilot/dad. We're up in the air today, so...
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  • May 26 2017

    Jessica Perkins And The Domino’s Guy

    Canada Post employee Sheila Perkins (Jessica Perkins) finds a body in a postbox, cold to the touch, and clad in a ski suit. She discusses some theories, some sons, and translates some French. Then, the Domino's Guy skulks through in...
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  • Feb 26 2014

    012: When Harry Met Sally – with Jess Perkins

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “When Harry Met Sally”. Featuring Jessica Perkins! AND ORGASMS! Spoiler Alert! When Harry Met Sally is a love story that defined a generation. A very hairy baseball loving playboy, aptly named Harry, has decided that...
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