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  • Oct 18 2018

    Episode 35: The Law of Attraction with Courtney Gilmour and Jhanelle Dennis

    On episode 35 of the Ego Podcast, comedians Courtney Gilmour and Jhanelle Dennis return to discuss the Law of Attraction. This episode was recorded right after a conference the three of us attended with author, speaker and Loaw of Attraction...
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  • Feb 07 2018

    Episode 12: Interview with Comedian Jhanelle Dennis

    On episode 12 of the Ego Podcast, I am joined by the lovely stand up comedian, writer actress and rapper, Jhanelle Dennis. We discuss the world of spirituality, meditating before performing stand up comedy and all of the crystals Jhanelle...
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  • Mar 14 2016

    Ep. 24 Runnin’ At The Mouth

    The Spooky Bartender And Regular! Tonight on spooked! Cody jumps on the furniture, Damien orders a daiquiri, Nigel lives in a dick, Colin faces off with himself, Marito Lopez (Wit My Woes) blows his own dick off, and Jhanelle Dennis...
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