Joel Edmiston
Joel Edmiston is the co-host of Merge Boot, a Survivor recap podcast, and the co-host of Long Weekend Comedy, a weekly comedy show in Toronto, ON.

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Spooked! (15)

Apr 15 2024 Guest

Ep. 429 – Hillary Yaas

The Spooky Sweatshop Today on Spooked! Cody manages a shady business, Joel has an idea for a band, and Hillary expects to get the Oscar. It's all about the Tarantino fascination, so paint those nails, get those boots off and get ready to get Spooked!
Feb 25 2024 Guest

Ep. 422 – Joel Edmiston: The Way of Water

The Spooky Insignificant
Oct 23 2023 Guest

Ep. 404 – Joel Not Found

The Spooky Subway Car Today on Spooked! Cody just wants to live, Damien tries to be good, and Joel can't quite get the voice right. It's all about fulfilling useless tasks, so check some lists, pick up some crap, and get ready to get Spooked!
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