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Jordan Foisy

Jordan Foisy is a writer/comedian who writes for This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

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  • Feb 18 2021

    Episode 8.186: Jordan Foisy & Alan Shane Lewis

    They lose to the worst team one night and beat a contender the next. Welcome to the yo-yo Raptors season! They're now 13-15 and still aching to get back over .500.
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  • Aug 10 2020

    Jordan Foisy

    On this week's episode, Alana and her guest Jordan Foisy (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) get to know each other for the very first and possibly very last time!
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  • May 27 2020

    The Funnyman & Serious Writer Jordan Foisy

    Our guest is comedian, TV writer and actual writer Jordan Foisy, who stops by to shoot the breeze.
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  • Aug 06 2019

    Stand Up Comedian & Musician Jordan Foisy

    Our guest is the comedian and writer Jordan Foisy, who swings by to talk about his recent trip to Sault Ste. Marie, Wayne Gretzky, Roberta Bondar, Treble Charger, the Toronto Raptors and also his high school band Renderware.
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  • May 10 2019

    Jordan Foisy And Cone

    When a convenience owner is found dead, stuffed into a toilet at his store, avid guy who likes smoking Rick "Smokes" McGready (Jordan Foisy) swings by to help.
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  • Mar 27 2019

    Episode 6.101: Adam Christie & Jordan Foisy

    Eight games to go for the 51-23 Raptors before the playoffs! Who is the MVP? We pick the top three. Special guests on this episode are a couple funny This Hour writers: Adam Christie and Jordan Foisy!
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  • Jan 08 2018

    The Political Activist Jordan Foisy

    Outspoken political activist Jordan Foisy stops by to discuss what it’s like to be a thorn in the side of the rich and powerful and offer his thoughts on Tom Cruise’s body.
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  • Mar 24 2017

    Episode 4.42: Jordan Foisy & Kate Ziegler

    We're gonna punch episode 42 into your ears Ibaka-style, so hang on! Raptors are 43-29 and starting to feel confident again. Special guests: Jordan Foisy and Kate Ziegler!
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  • Feb 15 2017

    Jordan Foisy

    Jordan Foisy is a super funny, original stand up. His first stand up album is coming out NOW called, Standing On The Edge Of Unspeakable Anxiety. He also writes funny/real articles for VICE.com.
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  • Aug 25 2016

    Episode 31: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Jordan Foisy & Ned Petrie

    Training camp is getting closer and we're starting to get pumped! We're back in the Basketball Funhouse and Freddie's down in a sewer with Pennywise the Clown! (He couldn't make this one). Comedians on the pod this week: Jordan Foisy...
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