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  • Jul 26 2021

    Ep. 295 – Nug Nahrgang

    The Spooky Food Truck
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  • Aug 31 2020

    Wish Upon (2017)

    I'm joined by Meagan McConnell and Josh Murray to watch a random horror film about magic wishes I found on Netflix called Wish Upon. Meagan accidentally reveals she does not understand how walk-in baths work. Great time.
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  • Jul 14 2020

    The Sitting Room

    Chester (Josh Murray) has worked for The Master (Chris Leveille) and The Countessa (Alex Best) for a long time, but the three don't know each other as well as one might think.
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  • Apr 15 2019

    Ep. 183 – Josh Murray

    The Spooky Piano Tuner and Concept Artist
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  • Jul 16 2018

    4 – That Horrible Thing I Did

    Lindsay and her guests go to a dark and sometimes vulnerable place while confessing some of their most regrettable actions. Guests include: Josh Murray, Peter Stevens, Alex Plouffe, Charlie Gould, and Aaron Stern.
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  • Oct 13 2017

    162: Godzilla – with Josh Murray and Jorge Mijangos

    It's the second week in Octo-BOO-er, and we're really stretching the definition of horror on this one. The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate the movie "Godzilla" featuring their special guests Josh Murray and Jorge Mijangos! Famous Quote: "That long beard. I...
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  • Sep 15 2017

    Josh Murray And Ray

    A murder mystery dinner is derailed by a murder, and Max Well (Josh Murray) is even more off-put about the whole thing. A simple guy, he'd rather be in the basement with the boys playing poker, selling guests his homemade...
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  • Oct 26 2015

    Episode 21: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Matt McCready & Josh Murray

    It's our final Off-Season Funhouse episode, which means the Season 03 premiere is next! Two great comedians join us to officially sign off the off-season: Matt McCready and Josh Murray!
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  • Aug 27 2014

    037: Cool Runnings – with Josh Murray

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Cool Runnings”. Featuring Josh Murray! Famous Quote: “The guy in the flying taxi said this was the closest bobsled.”
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  • Feb 14 2014

    010: Back to the Future – with Josh Murray

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate Back to the Future. Featuring Josh Murray. Spoiler Alert! Back to the Future is a classic tale of time travel and self-discovery. Marty McFly, a tortured teenager and his scientist friend get mixed up with...
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