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Juice Boxx

The always sensational Juice Boxx has been working in Toronto as a drag queen and hostess for over 5 years. Spending a majority of her time in the Village, Juice Boxx is a frequent and featured performer at such fine establishments as Crews and Tangos, and the ever-popular Woodys. Some of her most recent campaigns have been with Crest White strips, IKEA, and Absolute vodka. Juice Boxx is also competing on the first-ever season of Canada's Drag Race. Her aesthetic is bright, bubbly, sinful, and sexy, with a little spice.

Appeared on

  • Sep 12 2017

    Squirrel Talk! Feat. JUICE BOXX!

    Canadian drag queens Vicki Lix and Ivory Towers get and exclusive Barbara Walters sit down with the new winner of Crews Drag Race 2017, Juice Boxx! Together they discuss competitions, make-up, physical fitness, and public poops!
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