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  • Jun 30 2020

    The Arcade

    Trev (Kris Siddiqi) has planned a big surprise for Tony (Nigel Downer) on his birthday. An epic night locked in an arcade!
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  • Aug 06 2019

    Episode 07 – The Future Episode

    A visit from Kirk Buble and the CenTre's Tech Panel. Plus, we talk social media with EarthMouth, and reverse architecture with Dig Down.
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  • Mar 16 2019

    A Filmmaker Helps Andy

    An avant-garde filmmaker helps Andy understand the art of making movies.
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  • Oct 23 2017

    Ep. 106 Kris Siddiqi

    The Spooky Ladies Restroom Today on Spooked! Colin won’t shut up and clean the toilet, Damien flushes down some jalapeno poppers for the boys, Cody runs the Shit Hole, and Kris is the better Daryl. We go so far down...
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  • Jun 07 2017

    Meet The Building’s Drug Dealer!

    Then, Michael and James have a fascinating discussion with Omar, the building’s wealthy and good-looking drug dealer. Omar talks about dealing drugs, cooking food with drugs and selling drugs to famous Canadian celebs.
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  • Sep 15 2015

    Kris Siddiqi

    Kris Siddiqi is a hilarious improviser extraordinaire and all around good guy. He's a Second City alum and Catch 23 chum.
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  • Jul 03 2015

    080: 8 Mile – with Kris Siddiqi

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. Featuring the INCREDIBLE Kris Siddiqi! Famous Quote: “Everybody raps Raymond.”
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