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  • Dec 21 2018

    Immaculate Shitception w/ Kristian Bruun (pt 2 of POO)

    Yes, this interview is still 90% poop jokes. You’re welcome. We also get even deeper into both real talk as well as what turn out to be our own individual bottles of wine.
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  • Dec 02 2018

    Ep 18: Shit Hath No Class w/ Kristian Bruun (pt 1 of 2)

    Yo, our guest Kristian Bruun is one of the BEST HUMANS ON EARTH. He's ours, don't forget it -- he was born in Toronto General Hospital. So, just because he moved to LA don't mean he's anyone else's. We still...
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  • Jun 27 2016

    Ep. 39 Kristian Bruun

    The Spooky Bartender And Waitress! Today on Spooked! Kristian Bruun (Orphan Black, Murdoch Mysteries) is a confused cadet, Kjartan is love sick, Cody is the colonel, Damien is a sergeant, Colin is a chicken. Are ghosts real? Are we? One...
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