Kristy LaPointe
Kristy LaPointe is a television writer & comedy person. After graduating from theatre school Kristy promptly decided theatre was dead and turned to auditioning for commercials. Before becoming a tv writer she spent time as a lil comedy boi: performing in cult  Gilmore Girls improv shows, as half of the duo Hot Cousin while writing for Reductress and She Does The City. When not podcasting or binge watching British procedurals Kristy can be found totally not hoarding all the writers room sparkling water.

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Guest Appearances

Spooked! (14)

Mar 23 2020 Guest

Ep. 230 – Kristy LaPointe

The Spooky Hoarder's Shed
Aug 21 2018 Guest

Ep. 150 – Spooktacular 3 Pt. 1

Today on Spooked! It's our three year anniversary and all our friends showed up to celebrate with three spooky stories! More guests! More stories! More Spooked! So grab your party hats and noise makers and get ready to get Spooked!
Mar 13 2017 Guest

Ep. 75 Ashley Botting

The Spooky Convention Booth Today on Spooked! Clare looks dead, Kristy has brunch, Ashley is unimpressed with her grandson’s fiancé, and Chelsea laughs at someone’s misfortune. It's the last one with our special guest hosts so you better enjoy it while you can! So get under those covers and get ready to get Spooked!
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