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  • Feb 19 2021

    Laura Del Maschio and Ricky

    Distraught truck driver Randy (Laura Del Maschio) found the body of his friend and fellow truck driver Rudy at a rest stop. He talks about his souped out truck, all the cities with the best ice bins, and delves into...
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  • Nov 03 2020

    The Toy Store

    Francine (Alex Cabrera-Aragon) is dragged to the toy store by her Mom (Laura Del Maschio) for an after hours raid.
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  • May 22 2020

    The Kids’ Table

    The Screaming Joggers of the Bayou describe the horrific tragedy of one of their founders.
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  • Feb 07 2020

    Laura Del Maschio And The Ghost Of Mom

    Head honcho of Fillipo Studio, Richard Fillipo (Laura Del Maschio) has recently lost his assistant under mysterious circumstances.
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  • Dec 31 2018

    Ep. 168 – Laura Del Maschio

    The Spooky Bride and Wedding Planner
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  • Dec 14 2018

    Laura Del Maschio And Paul The Lion

    At the famous four-ball travelling circus, an alcoholic ringmaster is found dead, sliced almost all the way in half. Raymond the Seal (Laura Del Maschio) tries to figure out who could have done this, along with her rival, Paul the...
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  • Apr 13 2018

    Laura Lee

    It's Episode 125, and comedic performer Laura Lee hits the studio. Listen along to this kooky convo as the gals talk about the shame around masturbation, getting addicted to your vibrator, and fucking at the museum.
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  • Dec 15 2017

    Laura Del Maschio, Spencer Litzinger And Leonard

    Rosemary and Thyme Basil (Laura Del Maschio and Spencer Litzinger), sisters and fellow operatives for an unknown intelligence agency, have watched their triplet fall to her death from their hotel. Skilled in mail fraud, alien possessions, and hip hop music,...
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  • Jul 20 2017

    Laura Del Maschio And FRANKY

    Fransiphina Sauerkraut (Laura Del Maschio) runs several sense-deprivation tanks in her underground Central Park facility. It was there the body of her lover Beuford is found, eyes sucked out, and legs floating. Pool cleaning vaccuum F.R.A.N.K.Y (Known in the graffiti...
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  • May 01 2016

    Anniversary Bonus Episode!

    With Laura Del Maschio, Gavin Pounds and Chris Leveille. Frank and Matilda Wormwood (Gavin Pounds and Laura Del Maschio) are Goldilocks and the Three Butts (yup), famed folk singing duo. But when they find someone dead at their concert, they...
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  • Sep 04 2015

    Laura Del Maschio And Paul

    Sammy Bucket (Laura Del Maschio), a semi-professional surfer with semi-reliable knowledge about surfing, drops by to show off his guns (literally), cheese string hair, and all the cool places around his body. Another surfer, Paul, tries to help as well,...
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