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Killed to Death (9)

Killed to Death
May 12 2023 Guest

Laura Del Maschio and Sheeba

Frank (Laura Del Maschio) isn't only a firefighter - he's Wasaga Beach's fire mistress, "has a parade", and drinks Coronis with his boys. One of whom, was found dead in the fire station.
Sep 02 2022 Guest

The Kids’ Table

4 attendees of a dinner party come together to figure out what happened to the mansion's owner. Miss Cerulean (Shannon Lahaie), Mr. Rumpleton (Laura Del Maschio), Gladis (Alex Cabrera-Aragon), and house servant Klog (Gavin Pounds).
Feb 19 2021 Guest

Laura Del Maschio and Ricky

Distraught truck driver Randy (Laura Del Maschio) found the body of his friend and fellow truck driver Rudy at a rest stop. He talks about his souped out truck, all the cities with the best ice bins, and delves into the shadier side of the business.
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