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Laura Ramoso

Appeared on

  • Jun 04 2021

    Laura Ramoso and Jason Halp

    Trish Halp (Laura Ramoso), finds the burnt remains of a family member on her boat, the Diamond Princess. She talks about her sons, pretends to have a phone, and disparages all podcasts, especially this one.
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  • Feb 28 2020

    Kerry Griffin And Laura Ramoso

    An unaccounted for body appears in the Morcroft Morgue Emporium, and owner Dryden Morcroft (Kerry Griffin) swings by to work on the case.
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  • Oct 28 2019

    20 – Regrets & Reflections

    Lindsay and her guests look into the past to analyze the choices we make that sometimes become regrets. In this episode Lindsay also takes the time to reflect on her life as she prepares to turn 30 years old.
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  • Oct 21 2019

    58 – Draw Anything You Imagine

    In this episode, we are joined by Griffin Toplitsky and Laura Ramoso to discuss the wish, "I wish I could draw, paint, etc, anything I imagine." The discussion that follows covers The Group of Seven, a good accountant, and Maddox's...
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  • Sep 16 2019

    53 – Clean Glasses

    In this episode, we are joined by Griffin Toplitsky and Laura Ramoso to discuss the wish, "I wish my glasses were always clean." The discussion that follows covers soap and water, transition lenses, and Dusty Fingers, child sheriff. 
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  • Mar 22 2019

    Laura Ramoso And Linda

    Foot locker manager Trabitz Baltzton is found deceased - foot missing, and hair braided. Brandy Brandee (Laura Ramoso), store employee, tries to sing together what happened that Thursdur at the Eaton Centre.
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