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  • Dec 26 2019

    Episode 45 – Love Actually w/ Lee Lawson

    We watch the problematic Christmas classic and it gets HORNY. FAST. Vite gets read to bits by Lee. Alex burns some bridges and also hates this movie. Lee is a great sweet guest.
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  • Nov 05 2019

    197: V for Vendetta – Lee Lawson

    Remember V for Vendetta? That movie where Hugo Weaving was unrecognizable because he was wearing a mask, and Natalie Portman's hair was unrecognizable because it was gone? Well we do kinda too!
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  • Oct 22 2019

    Toronto After Dark w/ Lee Lawson

    Toronto actress Lee Lawson is racking up the indie horrors, which naturally has us curious as to what’s been going on inside her headspace. How does she choose a role? What makes an actor “right” for a role?
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