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  • Dec 31 2021

    Leigh Cameron and Judy Blume

    Peachey Ross (Leigh Cameron) is a producer on The Late Late Show with James Corden. When Alan Alda is found face down in a bowl of rye and presumably poisoned in the green room, she has a crisis on her...
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  • Apr 05 2021

    The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

    We are joined by Leigh Cameron and Scott Thrower to talk about The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, a cute movie with a cumbersome title. Scott uses my podcast to propose to a stranger, vastly overestimating the reach of this...
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  • Feb 12 2019

    A Valentine’s Day Spectacular with Leigh Cameron

    Our guest this week is amateur drain snaker Leigh Cameron, who talks about her passion for removing gunk from drains.
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  • Sep 24 2018

    17 – Comfortable Temperature

    In this episode, we huddle up with Kyle Scott and Leigh Cameron to discuss the wish "I wish I was always a comfortable temperature." The discussion that follows includes living on a boat, dressing like a judge, and a shout...
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  • Aug 06 2018

    10 – Wealth Beyond Measure

    In this episode, I'm joined by Kyle Scott and Leigh Cameron to discuss a wish asking for, "wealth beyond measure" The discussion that follows includes commodities, taxes, and rock operas.
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  • Jun 11 2018

    The Penthouse

    Socialites, Franklin (Chris Leveille) and Sylvia (Leigh Cameron), paid good money to be locked in a tiny apartment and have their passports stolen by unknown men. It's for their marriage, and all the rich are doing it! Can they re-ignite...
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  • Jul 07 2017

    Leigh Cameron And Tim Castle

    Stef Beauregard (Leigh Cameron), 13 year old boy, and Tsar-in-waiting, discovers a body in the woods while out on his RipStik. They discuss the worn down, missing feet, the gunshot wound in its head, and the bodies' former ability to...
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  • Dec 29 2015

    104: A Christmas Carol – with Leigh Cameron

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate the holiday classic “A Christmas Carol” Featuring the wonderful and hilarious Leigh Cameron! Famous Quote: “Activate the time portal.”
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