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  • Mar 20 2020

    Liz Johnston And Callum Wratten

    This week, Griffin frustrates Shayleen Marquis (Liz Johnston), with the help of guest co-host Callum. They talk about essential oils, foods that hurt you, Comic Con, and also a body Shayleen found on the bus ride to camp.
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  • Dec 09 2019

    23 – Money

    Lindsay and her guests re-examine the true meaning of the word "wealth" while talking about the power of money. Guests include: Ken Hall, Liz Johnston, Ruth Goodwin, and Romtin Paydar.
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  • Oct 03 2019

    Episode 39 – Armageddon w/ Liz Johnston

    Liz has this movie memorized that is 3 times too long. We talk about the ultimate taboo
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  • Nov 23 2018

    Liz Johnston And Mayor Bingo

    Barbara Kint (Liz Johnston), ex-wife of the founder of a well-known, but secret winery, finds him dead in the cellar. 14 years ago. And doesn't want to talk about it. Steve returns from being stuck in an airport terminal to...
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  • Oct 30 2014

    045: Top Gun – with Liz Johnston

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Top Gun”. Featuring the hilarious Liz Johnston! Famous Quote: “Mmmmm?”
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