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  • May 05 2022

    E43: LIVE! ft. Mark Wahlberg

    Here it is: our first ever live episode! This week,  Chris, James and Michael dazzle a sold-out crowd and explore the life of Hollywood's largest Catholic superstar... Mark Wahlberg.  Recorded on Friday, April 29 at Comedy Bar in Toronto.
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  • Mar 03 2020

    Cruise Ship Improvisers Tim Gilbert & Marty Topps!

    Our guests are the cruise ship comedians Tim Gilbert and Marty Topps, who join us to spill the beans on what it’s like to perform improv comedy on the high seas aboard a cruise ship.
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  • Dec 31 2018

    Classic Moments VOL. 1

    Happy holidays, everyone. This week you’re in luck because we’ve put together a highlight of the show’s finest moments!
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  • Aug 21 2018

    Live From A Boat with Marty Topps!

    Our guest is Marty Topps, who is steering the boat towards international waters. In the meantime, he chats with Michael and James about the Titanic, chugs numerous drinks and tells some decidedly dirty jokes..
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  • Jul 26 2017

    Kickin’ Back At The Cottage With Marty Topps

    Cottage maintenance man Marty Topps stops by to talk about his life up north and why legal troubles forced him to flee Toronto sixteen years earlier.
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  • May 27 2016

    Marty Topps And Dennis Cochrane

    Truck driver Morty Torpps (Marty Topps) has a problem - there's a dead body in his truck. He's come to the boys hoping they can dispose of it. Instead, they oogle over his hot bod, and try to solve the...
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