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Killed to Death (7)

Killed to Death
Mar 10 2023 Guest

Matt McCready and Don Whitlock

When King England II is found murdered in his chambers, The King's Hand Reginald Grimms (Matt McCready) talks about the horrible man who took his place, how to get into the Constabulary, and his new love.
Nov 19 2021 Guest

Matt McCready, Fe, Fi, Fo, and Thumb

The Mayor (Matt McCready), 2ft tall, has been Toronto's mayor since escaping a cartoon 80 years ago and living off of cigarettes. He finds the deputy mayor dead.
Nov 09 2019 Guest

Matt McCready And Patrick Patterson

A tech mogul is found dead in his workspace by former-smokestack-investigator-turned-tech-intern Kevin Gordon (Matt McCready). Tallest man in the world, at a joke height of 6’8, Patrick Patterson, stops by, and the wishes and desires of the deceased tech icon are discovered.
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