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  • Mar 03 2021

    Episode 8.188: Yaw Attuah & Matt McCready

    It took a full year for the Raptors to be shut down by COVID, and that's with them calling one of America's COVID hotbeds their home this season.
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  • Feb 04 2021

    Episode 8.184: Matt McCready & Cathryn Naiker

    If Studio 54 were still around, they'd rename it after Fred Van Vleet! Raptors are now one game out of the playoffs with a 9-12 record.
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  • Aug 18 2020

    Episode 7.160: Antony Hall & Matt McCready

    The playoffs are back! The Raptors start off the Brooklyn series with a commanding 134-110 win. Thoughts, worries, laughs and more!
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  • Jul 29 2020

    Episode 7.157: Alan Shane Lewis & Matt McCready

    Basketball has returned and the Raptors have finished their 3-game scrimmages going 2-1. We talk favourite scrimmage moments, what games we're most looking forward to with the eight remaining regular season games, and playoff worries!
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  • Mar 19 2020

    Episode 7.141: Kevin Dowse & Matt McCready – Part 02

    We hope you enjoyed Part 01 of our Ultimate Coach rankings. Here’s Part 02, the top 15 coaches in the NBA ranked by us. Don’t skip to the end to see who’s number one. You gotta savour it! Once again,...
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  • Mar 18 2020

    Episode 7.141: Kevin Dowse & Matt McCready – Part 01

    Hey pals. These are some wild times and we hope all of you are safe and managing well during this crisis. The NBA has been suspended and the Raptors are all under quarantine, Guests: Kevin Dowse and comedian Matt McCready!
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  • Nov 19 2019

    Episode 7.126: Cathryn Naiker & Matt McCready

    The 7-3 Raps just got through one of the hardest back-to-backs, beating the Lakers and losing a tough one to Kawhi and the Clippers. We also got some hot new stings with Quickish Questions! Special guests on this one: Cathryn...
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  • Nov 09 2019

    Matt McCready And Patrick Patterson

    A tech mogul is found dead in his workspace by former-smokestack-investigator-turned-tech-intern Kevin Gordon (Matt McCready). Tallest man in the world, at a joke height of 6’8, Patrick Patterson, stops by, and the wishes and desires of the deceased tech icon...
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  • Jul 05 2019

    Episode 113: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Matt McCready & Mike Lee

    Helicopters are touching down for a rest tonight, but we got some hot #KawhiWatch takes for ya. Hhow do the Raptors stack up with Kawhi and Danny and without Kawhi and Danny? Guestsk: Matt McCready and Mike Lee!
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  • Feb 13 2019

    Episode 6.97: Matt McCready & Ennis Esmer

    Huge changes again in Raptorland! They're 42-16 and have once again pulled on our heart strings with a big deadline trade and buyout additions. Marc-Mania: What was the best part of the Gasol trade? Special guests Matt McCready and Ennis Esmer!
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  • Feb 05 2019

    The Forest

    In the show's season finale, Noah (Matt McCready) and a nameless buffoon (Devon Hyland) find themselves lost in a forest clearing. An adventure that has a fight with an underground king, conversations with a giant mouth, and a stunning vaudeville...
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  • Dec 10 2018

    27 – Everyone Has Magic

    In this episode, we are joined by Matt McCready and Erin Pim to discuss the wish, "I wish everyone had magic." The discussion that follows Spider-man's butt, the moon landing, and giving everyone nuke's.
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  • Oct 19 2018

    Melanie Ann Davis And Matt McCready

    Lana Turmaq (Melanie Ann Davis) is very rich. And has also found the body of her personal assistant in her aquarium. Naked, with a spy pen, and many celebrity voiced fish. And when guest co-host Matt McCready leaves, one of...
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  • Oct 15 2018

    20 – Never Get Itchy

    In this episode, we are joined by Erin Pim and Matt McCready to discuss the wish, "I wish I could never get itchy." The discussion that follows covers swollen tongues, Robert Wadlow, and reverse burlesque.
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  • Aug 22 2018

    Episode 74: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Peder Myhr & Matt McCready

    We signed Kay Felder, what does that mean for Raptors? Kawhi's buddy, Jeremy Castleberry, has been hired by Raptors. Is catering to Kawhi the right idea? With guests Peder Myhr and Matt McCready!
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  • May 16 2018

    Episode 5.64: Matt McCready & Ian Gordon

    Episode 64! We're pounding the rock one last time before Casey throws it off a bridge! Well, it happened: The Raptors fired Dwane Casey. We go over our favourite Casey moments and more. Special guests Matt McCready and Ian Gordon!
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  • Dec 20 2017

    Episode 5.53: Matt McCready & Gavin Pounds

    Our last episode before the holidays, so get ready for a PERfect time! Raptors are 20-8, but is it luck of the schedule so far?Special guests Matt McCready and Gavin Pounds! Happy Holidays from the CODBP team.
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  • Oct 20 2017

    Matt McCready And Dick Van Dyke

    Nathaniel Greene (Matt McCready), former prisoner of the guardless, Mortal Kombat obsessed prison, recounts the tale of his former cellmate October Train. A heroic, almost undefeatable man of the people, they try to figure out what happened to him to...
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  • Jul 19 2017

    Episode 47: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Matt McCready

    Episode 47! We give our thoughts on the Carroll/Joseph trades, the C.J. Miles acquisition, what's going on with JV, fun segment ranking all 30 NBA coaches! Special return guest: Matt McCready!
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  • Apr 17 2017

    Ep. 80 Matt McCready

    The Spooky Foster Parent and Teen Today on Spooked! Colin thinks those weird guys outside are cute, Damien hangs out in a pumpkin patch, Cody rolls up the outdoor carpet, Matt thinks magazines are books, and Simon can’t find his...
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  • Mar 23 2017

    139: The Wizard – with Matt McCready and Jorge Mijangos

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “The Wizard” Featuring the delicious Matt McCready and Jorge Mijangos! Famous Quote: “The Wizard!”
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  • Feb 13 2017

    136: Goldfinger – with Matt McCready and Jorge Mijangos

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Goldfinger” Featuring the delightful Matt McCready and Jorge Mijangos! Famous Quote: “Would you rather?”
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  • Feb 10 2017

    JB, Matt McCready, and Callum Wratten

    It's the Valentine's episode, and two world famous couples are gracing the mic of The Bed Post Podcast: Jess Bryson and Callum Wratten, as well as host Erin Pim's hubby, Matt McCready. Listen along as these goofballs talk about sex...
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  • Nov 25 2016


    This episode has been redacted. Secret government stuff, you understand. It has been replacement with an insane Matt McCready Episode.
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  • Jun 17 2016

    Matt McCready

    For host Erin Pim's birthday episode, her partner Matt McCready returns to the mic. This loosey goosey episode includes the couple doing shots of tequila and asking questions about their exes.
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  • Jun 10 2016

    iTunes Special! With Matt McCready, Nick Nemeroff, Cordy, And Cordy

    This episode was legitimately recorded long before the passing of Muhammad Ali this week. Okay!? On this special iTunes launch episode, the boys delve into the violent murder of Muhammad Madonna, a siamese-twin boxer. They were scheduled to fight Jerry...
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  • Feb 26 2016

    Matt McCready And Voodoo Pete

    Gord Willing (Matt McCready), famed horse jockey, and 18 time triple crown winner, found his opponent dead at the start of the race. They discuss streetcar marriage, exploding horses, legs made of bees, and the eternal battle of math vs....
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  • Feb 12 2016

    Matt McCready

    It's Bed Post's Valentine's Edition, with host Erin Pim's partner Matt McCready! Listen to this silly couple goof off, as they do a toy review of Empire Labs Clone-a-Willy kit, play a sexually themed Would You Rather, and attempt to...
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  • Oct 26 2015

    Episode 21: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Matt McCready & Josh Murray

    It's our final Off-Season Funhouse episode, which means the Season 03 premiere is next! Two great comedians join us to officially sign off the off-season: Matt McCready and Josh Murray!
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  • Jun 23 2015

    Episode 16: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Matt McCready & John Rallis

    We’re back with our first Off-Season Funhouse episode! We wrap up our thoughts on the NBA Finals and take you to the Entry Draft. Special guests this week: Comedian Matt McCready and John Rallis!
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  • Feb 26 2015

    064: Beetlejuice – with Matt McCready

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Beetlejuice”. Featuring Matt McCready! Famous Quote: “Allllllrrrrigghty then.”
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  • Aug 08 2014

    035: 4 Weddings and a Funeral – with Matt McCready

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. Featuring Matt McCready! Famous Quote: “I fucked the hat to death!”
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