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  • Jan 03 2022

    Ep. 315 – Uber And Klonk

    The Spooky Antique Shop
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  • Aug 23 2021

    Ep. 299 – Meredith Mullen

    Today on Spooked! Cody likes feeling the air beneath his arms, Damien has a dice guy, and Meredith saw a fancy watch on TV. It's all about rollin' the bones, so get your lucky horseshoe, grab your lucky penny, and...
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  • Aug 06 2021

    Meredith Mullen and Troy Boy

    During a large tornado at a local Toronto intersection, storm chaser Lucifer Williams (Meredith Mullen) falls into a storm cellar containing a recently deceased body. They discuss hot sauce, living in a van, and Pennywise the clown.
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  • Nov 03 2019

    Meredith Mullen

    It's Episode 206, and Erin chats with kooky comedian Meredith Mullen. On this one, you're getting talks about getting poor sex ed, buying good quality lube, and using kegel balls for the first time.
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  • Jul 12 2019

    Meredith Mullen And Jacqueline

    A self-defence instructor is found dead by young student LJ Blankenship (Meredith Mullen) at his castle. The castle's security systems are examined, and Backstreet Boy songs are sung as safe words.
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  • Jan 25 2019

    We Love Top Gun w/ Meredith Mullen | Fckgirls Episode 23

    We had so much with this weeks guest Meredith Mullen, hot off her very first date ever!
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