Miss Texas 1988
Miss Texas 1988 is not from Texas... or 1988! She was born in the rolling hills of Minnesota and now resides in sunny Seattle. The average person would describe Miss Texas as a cute lil' oddball, a nice person, and trash. Miss Texas can be found skipping through dirt or reading a cozy book about the history of queer radicalism while whittling sticks by the campfire. Texas is also passionate about outhouses, befriending raccoons, decorative macrame, and having existential conversations about the futility of capitalism while simultaneously managing deep concerns for the wellbeing of humanity. As a hard-working Seattle drag artist, Miss Texas has a cutthroat set of skills that will come in handy when brawling to be the next Camp Champ. These include: wrestling, wood-working, mastery over the bird calls of northern Canada, vegetarianism, being nonbinary, and love. Because love is nice. The self proclaimed “Queen of Failure,” Miss Texas 1988 is here to prove that socially awkward, odd-looking, kinda stupid, overly eager people can succeed by triumphantly being exactly who they are... and she's determined to do it all in heels too!
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