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Moe Ismail

As a product of two Egyptian working-class people getting married, another Arab guy named Moe was born. This one was real special, though. Unlike all the other Moe's out there, Moe Ismail was born with the natural gift of being terrible at math and having jokes so good, that his high school teachers used to fail him all the time just to hear him tell more jokes the following semester. He went on to become a well respected stand up comedian and has since performed on stages all across the nation. He has appeared on Serius XM’s Canada Laughs, MTV, and Kenny Robinson's Nubian Show which has previously featured acts such as Kevin Hart, Dave Chapelle, and Chris Rock to name a few.

Appeared on

  • Jul 14 2020

    62 – My Biggest Fear w/ Moe Ismail

    Moe Ismail and I chat about taking a break off Instagram, weird customs in Egypt, KFCs of the Arab world, the Chris D'elia allegations, the things that make a good teacher, and our worst fears.
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  • Sep 03 2019

    19 – How to Haggle w/ Moe Ismail

    Moe Ismail, Comedian/Teacher, came on by and we talk about his recent trip to Egypt and the state of the country now versus right after the revolution. We trade stories about haggling in Africa, and the different approaches.
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