Molly Rosen
Molly Rosen is a reporter and producer at On the Media, an award-winning WNYC radio show that explores how media shapes our reality. She recently returned from a journalism fellowship in Moscow, which was cut short when Russia invaded Ukraine. She then spent three months traveling around central and eastern Europe and reporting on the refugee crisis. Her work has appeared in Mother Jones magazine, The New York Times, WIRED, New York Magazine, and WHYY’s The Pulse. She’s based in Brooklyn, NY.

Guest Appearances

Vanderpump Robs (51)

Vanderpump Robs
May 29 2024 Co-Host

Reunion Part 3: Vanderpump Rules (S11E18)

Vanderpump Rules may be coming to a close
May 23 2024 Co-Host

Live from Jax’s Studio City: Reunion Part 2 — Vanderpump Rules (S11E17)

It's time for Molly and Rob to get some beer cheese!!!
May 08 2024 Co-Host

Plot Twist: Vanderpump Rules (S11E15)

It's time for Ariana to once again state her boundaries.
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