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Monica Garrido

Monica Garrido is a Queer Toronto based Mexican born Artist, Filmmaker, Writer, Producer, Director, Comedian, Performer and Storyteller that uses comedy as a tool and a shield to express herself. Her short films “Diferente” and the horror-comedy “Love You to Death” have been part of the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival. She’s part of the ensemble of the Canadian Comedy Award winner show Sketch Comedy Extravaganza Eleganza. Monica is one third of a Latinx Drag King Boyband and is Co-host and Co-Produces “Merendiando”, part of Radio Aluna Theatre. She is also a Taurus and wishes you the best.

Appeared on

  • Mar 15 2021

    Selena (ft. Monica Garrido)

    Dances Bidi Bom-edly
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  • Nov 19 2020

    S01E04: 5 Things w Kyah Green & Monica Garrido

    Kyah asks 5 Things of Monica Garrido about Queerness in comedy, performing in multiple languages, dinner party guests, and more.
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  • Aug 04 2020

    The Desert Island

    Tammy (Monica Garrido) and Tatiana (Daphney Joseph) are the T T's, and they have been together for an intense and love filled week.
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  • Sep 01 2017

    Monica Garrido And Aeeeelpoopemoji

    Catarina Raquel Johnson (Monica Garrido), one of the performers at a mouth based circus, finds her trainee and "special friend" dead, and buried in a forest. Then Aeeeelpoopemoji (pronounced Leonard) drops by, and the three discuss kissing circles, mouth powers,...
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  • Jul 28 2017

    Monica Garrido

    This episode, the hilarious and lovely Monica Garrido steps up to the Bed Post mic. Listen in as the ladies talk about how masturbating makes Jesus cry, what we have to learn from our queer elders, and what it's like...
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