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  • Sep 01 2021

    Below Deck… with Alessandra Vite & Natalie Metcalfe

    This week Tricia sits down with friends and comedians Alessandra Vite & Natalie Metcalfe. Join us as we chat all about Below Deck, our favourite seasons, crew members and drama! So put on your captain's hat, grab a bevy and...
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  • Feb 22 2021

    Ep. 273 – Christian and Nat

    The Spooky Kid and Parent
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  • Feb 17 2021

    LIVE with Natalie Metcalfe

    This week Tricia goes live on Bad Dog Comedy TV with dear friend & Second City Alumna Natalie Metcalfe! These two buds talk almost exclusively about Below Deck and a little bit about other stuff! 
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  • Nov 12 2020

    Episode 62 – D2 w/ Natalie & Christian

    We watch the Disney classic and talk about almost everything other than the movie with Natalie Metcalf & Christian Smith. The sound is medium-bad and we are sorry.
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  • Nov 03 2020

    LIVE with The Cast of Second City Toronto!

    A Live Recording of One More Round with Tricia Black on Bad Dog Comedy TV. Over a few beers, Tricia chats with her cast from Second City Toronto, they talk new podcasts, keto diets, being creative in the time of...
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  • Nov 11 2019

    21 – Hot Tempers

    Lindsay feels less terrible about her own fiery temper after listening to her guests talk about their past angry outbursts. Guests include: Eric Amber, Martin Dockery, Tricia Black, Natalie Metcalfe, and Ryan Irving.
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  • Jun 01 2019

    Watch them do improv first w/ Natalie Metcalfe | Fckgirls Episode 39

    This week we are joined by the hilarious and GREAT Natalie Metcalfe, and we talk about how you should see someone do improv before you date them, and turning friendship into love! Wow!
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  • May 29 2017

    Ep. 86 Natalie Metcalfe

    The Spooky Buggy Driver and Car Owner Today on Spooked! Cody has to eat a grasshopper before he can go home, Damien had a shrimp for a car, Colin’s got the body shop, and Natalie doesn’t want to come off...
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  • Feb 05 2017

    Natalie Metcalfe and Lady Shayne

    Special bonus footage of the Episode 63 interview with professional domiantrix Lady Shayne and comedic writer/performer Natalie Metcalfe! Lady Shayne tells us about first timer appointments, clients that just want to have a good cry, and the time she had...
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  • Feb 03 2017

    Natalie Metcalfe and Lady Shayne

    This episode is a three-way, with polar opposites: adorably comedic Natalie Metcalfe and professional dominatrix Lady Shayne. Listen in on this threesome, as the ladies run through a typical day in the life of Lady Shayne, what couples can take...
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  • Sep 02 2016

    Natalie Metcalfe

    It's Episode 41, and this week Erin chats with improviser and sketch comedienne Natalie Metcalfe. Listen in as the gals dish about body image, role play, and good hard fucking.
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  • Jun 20 2014

    029: A League of their Own – with Natalie Metcalfe

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “A League of their Own”. Featuring Natalie Metcalfe! Famous Quote: “Sugarplum Watson is dumping a bucket of confetti on the first baseman.” Like “2 HUMANS”, Mike and Natalie’s sketch on Facebook!
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