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Nick Nemeroff

Nick Nemeroff is a cool and strong comedian from Montreal currently based out of LA. He’s appeared on CONAN, Just For Laughs, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, OddBlock, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival & Comedy Central's Clusterfest. His writing can be seen on VICE & CBC Comedy and his stand up can be heard on Sirius XM. He was voted “Best Newcomer” and “Best Breakout Comic” at the 2017 & 2018 I Heart Jokes awards in Toronto and was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Breakout Artist. Nemeroff recently released his first comedy album The Pursuit of Comedy Has Ruined My Life on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and anywhere else music is found.

Appeared on

  • Apr 22 2022

    Nick Nemeroff and Mr. Boba Fett

    Nightclub poet Mr. Bingo (Nick Nemeroff) finds a fellow poet dead and upside-down.
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  • Jun 23 2021

    S01E03: Prank Phone Calls to Mikey

    Everardo’s friend Mikey got a landline so he called it.
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  • Jan 15 2021

    Nick Nemeroff and Terry Garcibee

    X-Ray Technician Jerry Garcibee (Nick Nemeroff) mainly talks about how he's convincing his son that times move backwards. Also, one of his regulars is found dead in the X-Ray Studio, shot.
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  • Jul 13 2020

    Sum 41 (ft. Nick Nemeroff)

    This episode is all killer no filler
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  • Dec 20 2019

    Nick Nemeroff And Kevin

    Video game designer Pierre Oeuf (Nick Nemeroff) of EF Studios finds a coworker dead in the bathroom, in an identifiable position. Boss of the studio Kevin drops in, and the three discuss the process of coming up with game ideas,...
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  • Jan 22 2019

    2019 Pop Culture Preview with Nick Nemeroff

    Our guest this week is comedian Nick Nemeroff, who stops by to talk about his cultural picks for 2019, discuss the lure of LA, and offer his thoughts on how to make a Canadian version of Black Mirror.
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  • Dec 31 2018

    Classic Moments VOL. 1

    Happy holidays, everyone. This week you’re in luck because we’ve put together a highlight of the show’s finest moments!
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  • Dec 25 2018

    A Commercial Actor Helps Andy

    A commercial actor stops by to help Andy's acting career. 
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  • Jul 27 2018

    Nick Nemeroff And Mr. Abcdefg

    Computer hacker Mr. X (Nick Nemeroff) finds the decapitated body of a fellow hacker after a successful job. They talk about how to come up with an alias, the victim's antisemitism, and IBS.
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  • Jun 26 2018

    The Wine Cellar

    Cool teens, Nick (Nemeroff) and Gavin (Pounds), are trapped in a wine cellar. It's the perfect opportunity for them to get drunk! But things change when a mysterious ledger tells Nick more about his father's business. Is it too late...
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  • Sep 11 2017

    Ep. 100.5 Spooktacular 2 Part 2

    The Spooky 100(b) Today on Spooked! It's part two of our two year extravaganza. Packed full of some amazing past guest, we get not one but four spooky stories. So tune in for the celebration and get ready for year...
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  • Sep 07 2017

    Nick Nemeroff

    Nick Nemeroff is a very funny stand up comedian out of Toronto, originally from Montreal. He's performed all over Australia, Los Angeles, JFL42 in Toronto, and the Oddblock festival in Winnipeg.
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  • Aug 16 2017

    Getting Filthy With Dirty Comedian Nick Nemeroff

    Notorious dirty comedian Nick Nemeroff stops by to get nasty and discuss his decades-long war on clean comedians. After listening to Nick’s story, you’ll understand why they call him the “clown from Hell.”
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  • Aug 04 2017

    Nick Nemeroff And Al

    TTC Worker Doug Water (Nick Nemeroff) discovers a friggin' body in a subway tunnel - dressed up as either him or Doug Ford. Turns out it was Taylor Milky, the CEO of the TTC - and dream limo passenger of...
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  • Jan 16 2017

    Ep. 67 Nick Nemeroff

    The Spooky Bat Cave. Today on Spooked! Cody is a pest guy, Colin is a bad Russian ripoff, Amanda works on her Eastern European accent, Damien is a big time Russian Celebrity, Kjartan swims in poop, and Nick has to...
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  • Jun 10 2016

    iTunes Special! With Matt McCready, Nick Nemeroff, Cordy, And Cordy

    The boys delve into the murder of boxer Muhammad Madonna. They were scheduled to fight Jerry McClintock (Matt McCready), and he and his terrible promoter Smarmy Marvin (Nick Nemeroff)both try to piece together the literal puzzle of body pieces.
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  • Apr 15 2016

    Nick Nemeroff And Secretariat

    It's 3 little boys and a horse on today's Killed to Death. When Dr. Palmera is found dead, his patient Marvin Martin (Nick Nemeroff) tries his best to recount the murder. We find out about his new life - impersonating...
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  • Oct 23 2015

    Nick Nemeroff And 3rd Base Coach Cameron Jacobson

    The Toronto Blue Jays are found dead in the dugout. We bring in Coach Jessica (Nick Nemeroff) to help, and she melts into a bucket of goo 10 minutes in, and it’s weird! Then, after solving the murder successfully, we...
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