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Nigel Henri Robinson

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  • May 02 2016

    Ep. 31 Jacob Sharpe Returns!

    The Spooky Meat Freezer! Today on Spooked! Colin is a terrible son, Nigel argues with his inner demons, Damien is a meat man, Jacob Sharpe wants more pay, and Cody says wow. So get ready to get Spooked!
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  • Apr 25 2016

    Ep. 30 Danny Martinello

    The Spooky Stable! Today on Spooked! Damien fights for a child with no arms, Colin has pepperoni nips, Danny Martinello (Assassins Creed, Delmer & Marta) spent all his Shrek money, Cody is a promoter, and Nigel takes a walk down...
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  • Apr 18 2016

    Ep. 29 Thomas Alderson

    The Spooky Actor And Screenwriter! Today on Spooked! Steffi D. thinks Paul Hogan is dead, Thomas Alderson (Stage Fright, Kinky Boots) is the King, Cody is a croc wrangler, Nigel learns to speak Creole, Damien directs his first film, and...
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  • Apr 11 2016

    Ep. 28 Trevor Poelman

    The Spooky Curator And Politician! Today on Spooked! Colin is Hank, Trevor Poelman (Myths and Coffee Cups, Tonightman) is Philip, Nigel is Charlie St. Cloud, Cody is Satan, and Damien is satin. April may be cold, but this story is...
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  • Apr 04 2016

    Ep. 27 Hot Cousin

    The Spooky Sleep! Today on Spooked! Nigel sneaks on his dad's computer, Damien never learns to read, Kristy LaPointe (Pwincess Bwigitta, Gilmore Girlprov)deals with her campers, Adele Dicks (Sketchersons, Sunday Night Live) can't seem to get out of her job,...
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  • Mar 28 2016

    Ep. 26 Mark Little

    The Spooky Flight Lounge! On today's Spooked! Cody has many jobs, Mark Little (Mr.D, Picnicface, Conan) calls out phonies, Nigel gets adopted, Damien steals a child, and Colin is a tar monster. Also did we mention Mark Little? Check it...
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  • Mar 21 2016

    Ep. 25 Dean Young

    The Spooky Tiny Cottage! Today on Spooked! Cody hates his uncle, Colin tries to go hunting, Damien gets stuck in a tree, Dean Young (Talkhole, Inside Jokes) owns many nice cars, and Nigel sets the mood. It gets wild, so...
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  • Mar 14 2016

    Ep. 24 Runnin’ At The Mouth

    The Spooky Bartender And Regular! Tonight on spooked! Cody jumps on the furniture, Damien orders a daiquiri, Nigel lives in a dick, Colin faces off with himself, Marito Lopez (Wit My Woes) blows his own dick off, and Jhanelle Dennis...
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  • Mar 07 2016

    Ep. 23 Alex Furber

    The Spooky Locker! Tonight on Spooked! Cody is responsible for the well being of children, with disastrous results, Colin remembers what it was like to be a lame child, Nigel's a bad son, Alex Furber (War Horse, Flashpoint) has the...
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  • Jan 18 2016

    Ep. 16 Kjartan Hewitt

    The Spooky Bear And Cub! On tonight’s episode, Nigel nurtures his maternal instincts, Cody goes to da club, Colin is vewy vewy quiet, Damien is finally part of a gang, and Kjartan Hewitt (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Capote) is...
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  • Jan 11 2016

    Ep. 15 Jordan Brown

    The Spooky Slum Apartment! Hey gang, this week the Goobs go all out to ensure you get your daily recommended dosage of dick! Jordan Brown (Gone Tomorrow, Captive)pays for the cookies, Cody loses his wang, Nigel takes a power position...
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  • Jan 04 2016

    Ep. 14 Renée Haché

    The Spooky Dog Food Chef And Cat Food Chef! In this week's episode of Spooked! Renée Haché (Running Season, Dwell) deals with a generation of fans moving on to better things, Nigel can't move on, and Cody and Damien go...
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  • Dec 21 2015

    Ep. 13 Richard Albin

    The Spooky Wife! Hey gang, ready to get into the holiday season? Well, what better way than with a new spooky tradition? Spooked! On today's episode we get a little crazy. Damien learns to appreciate coffee, Nigel tries his hand...
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  • Dec 14 2015

    Ep. 12 Kurtis Conner

    The Spooky A.I. And Space Pilot! Today on Spooked! Nigel shows us what a British accent can maybe sound like, Cody has a particular set of skills, Kurtis Conner (Vine) seduces an alien, and Damien gets stuck in an air...
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  • Dec 07 2015

    Ep. 11 Rebecca Friesen

    The Spooky Boxers! On this week's Spooked, Cody has dick and ball problems, Nigel gets in touch with his inner canine, Damien plays a blatant stereotype, and Rebecca Friesen (Avenue Q, Vampires Anonymous) reminds us why celebrities do drugs. What...
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  • Nov 30 2015

    Ep. 10 Colin Morey

    The Spooky Abandoned House! In this episode, our intern Colin Morey (Spooked Podcast) gets his big break! Will this be his shining moment, or will this hail the end of an internship? Tune in to find out! Oh, and Nigel...
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  • Nov 23 2015

    Ep. 9 Steffi Didomenicantonio

    The Spooky Holodeck! Today on Spooked! Nigel tries to have the best of both worlds, Steffi Didomenicantonio (Stage Fright, Canadian Idol) learns not to stumble on a word, and Cody and Damien find out it is possible to love yourself,...
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  • Nov 16 2015

    Ep. 8 Nick Etherton

    The Spooky Paper! Ho boy, it's a spooky one tonight! Today Nigel finally breaks his streak of never getting anything important to say, Cody battles with his role as a single father, Damien builds a camp hotel chain, and Nick...
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  • Nov 09 2015

    Ep. 7 Christopher Mejaki

    The Spooky Arms Dealer and Parent! In this week's Spooked, the Goobs summon up some spirits! Nigel vouches for his guest, Cody has problems with his mother, Christopher Mejaki accepts Cody's gender, and Damien destroys everyone's childhood memories of a...
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  • Nov 02 2015

    Ep. 6 Tia McGregor

    The Spooky Taxi Driver and Passenger! In this week's episode Cody learns the dangers of getting into a stranger's car, Nigel gives some life advice to his son, Damien cries at work, and Tia McGregor goes digital. So don't call...
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  • Oct 26 2015

    Ep. 5 Christopher Wilson

    The Spooky Mayor and Janitor! Let's make a deal! With the Devil! Tonight on Spooked! Nigel gets in touch with his feminine side, Damien lays his cards and his life down, Christopher Wilson (Captive, Gone Tomorrow) learns about the responsibility...
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  • Oct 19 2015

    Ep. 4 Meg MacKay

    The Spooky Showdown! In today's spooky episode, a showdown is about to happen! Watch as Nigel deals with cultural appropriation, Meg MacKay (Reverse Late Night) battles her inner demons, Damien learns what it means to be on a football team,...
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  • Oct 12 2015

    Ep. 3 Jordan Paul

    The Spooky Goals! On this week's episode, Spooked! friend (and theme song composer) Jordan Paul brushes up on his history, Nigel finally has a real job, Damien is defeated through the power of song and Cody comes to terms with...
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  • Oct 05 2015

    Ep. 2 Chelsea Jayne Bray

    The Spooky Sphere! On this week's Spooked, watch as Nigel battles his own body, Chelsea Jayne Bray (Gilmore Girlprov) battles her addictions, Cody deals with the burdens of motherhood and Damien decides if being a father is worth it. Plus,...
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  • Sep 23 2015

    Ep. 1 Jacob Sharpe

    The Spooky School Bus Driver And The Last Kid! In this week’s episode, Nigel discovers his inner child, Jacob Sharpe gets the ghostly royal treatment, Damien does inappropriate things in a tree and Cody is an asshole owl. All this...
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