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Omer Jamal

CEO at Fortuna.ai an AI-powered software to help scale sales teams.

Appeared on

  • Jul 27 2020

    64 – How To CEO w/ Omer Jamal

    Omer Jamal and I chat about how COVID has changed work culture, the hardest part of running a company, Jeff Bezos' daily schedule, Elon Musk's crazy ambitions, the wisdom of billionaire Naval Ravikant, and what's holding back cryptocurrency.
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  • Aug 27 2019

    18 – Self-Improvement 101 w/ Omer Jamal

    Omer Jamal, Entrepreneur/Founder of Fortuna AI Labs Inc., came on by and we talk about his early days in Pakistan and how they gave him an upper hand in his adult years. The journey from employee to startup founder, and...
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