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  • Apr 03 2022

    Paul Aihoshi

    This episode, Erin chats with her good friend Paul Aihoshi about painting nudes, play parties, and being an asian guy on dating apps.
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  • Nov 12 2021

    Paul Aihoshi and Levi Strauss

    Gilbert Taylor (Paul Aihoshi), karaoke enthusiast, finds a body in a private karaoke room whilst searching for his favourite song.
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  • Sep 05 2021

    Instagram Live (w/a cameo by Paul Aihoshi)

    For this episode, Erin/Lady Pim is taking questions Live on Instagram. She is joined by photographer extraordinaire Paul Aihoshi near the end!
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  • Feb 18 2019

    Ep. 175 – Paul Aihoshi

    The Spooky Robot and It's Inventor
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  • Jan 22 2019

    The Barn

    George (Paul Aihoshi) and George (Claire) seem to make the perfect pair. Who doesn't love the Georges? But a marriage proposal gone wrong and some overly quiet cows tests the strength of their relationship.
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  • Nov 04 2017

    165: Three Men and a Baby – with Paul Aihoshi

    We're in the throws of mustache-vember, and we're doing ALL MUSTACHIOED ACTOR MOVIES this month! This week, The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate "3 Men and a Baby" featuring their special guest Paul Aihoshi! Please check out the Movember foundation. It's...
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  • Nov 25 2016

    Paul Aihoshi And Jojo

    A body is found in the confession booth at church, and Father Skipnully (Paul Aihoshi) is a little suspicious that there is more to this death than the normal mob assassinations that take place in cool church. In addition to...
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