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  • May 21 2019

    2.07 Wide Awake with Pete DeCourcy

    Kristy and return guest Pete DeCourcy break down Killing Eve episode 2.07- Wide Awake. Shitty chivalrous safe words, a surprising threesome(ish), and Gemma finding herself in over her head- plus your eve-mails!
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  • Jan 07 2019

    Lil’ Spill- Golden Globes Minisode

    This week Kristy is joined by returning guest Pete DeCourcy, for a special Golden Globes-themed minisode. Covering Top Ship/Top Line/Top Kill, they celebrate all things Sandra Oh including her historic win for Best Actress in Killing Eve!
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  • Sep 18 2018

    Lil’ Spill- Emmys Minisode

    This week Kristy is joined by the first ever Spilling Eve guest, Pete DeCourcy, for a special Emmys-themed Lil' Spill minisode. Covering Top Ship/Top Line/Top Kill, they commiserate over the Killing Eve losses (we love you Sandra Oh & Phoebe...
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  • Aug 27 2018

    Ep. 150.5 – Spooktacular 3 Pt.2

    Today on Spooked! It's part two of our three year celebration! More and more guests for your eyes and ears! Thrills! Chills! Pointless stories! 150 episodes down and here's to 150 more. So get ready to get Spooked!
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  • Aug 07 2018

    1.01 Nice Face with Pete DeCourcy

    In the world premiere episode of Spilling Eve, host Kristy LaPointe and her first guest, Pete DeCourcy (@PeteDeCourcy) talk about how they first heard of Killing Eve, sing the praises of PWB, wonder whether or not Eve is a murderino,...
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  • May 22 2017

    Ep. 85 Carson G

    The Spooky Teen and Grandparent Tonight on Spooked! Damien knows how his parents died, Cody has retained no water, Pete wants uppies, Carson knows how to build and fix things, and Colin blasts off into space. It's all about space...
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  • Sep 12 2016

    The 1 Year Anniversary Spooktacular! Pt. 1

    Spooked! is one year old and hey, we got all kinds of amazing people to come on by to help us celebrate! Part One features; Mike Mongiardi, John Richardson, Pete DeCourcy, Kirsty LaPointe, Nick Etherton, Chelsea Jayne Bray, Steffi Didomenicantonio,...
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  • Aug 16 2016

    Ep. 46 Pete DeCourcy

    The Spooky Arctic Research Camp Today on Spooked! Colin won’t shut up about his foot, Pete DeCourcy(High Brau) wants to impress his crush, Kristy says we have to burn sick people, Cody is impressed by nice calves, and Damien is...
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  • Aug 04 2014

    034: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – with Pete Decourcy

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”. Featuring Pete DeCourcy! Famous Quote: “Hope. Get outta here!”
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