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Winner of Canada's Drag Race!

She's the most exciting queen ever to grace the Canadian drag scene - and she goes by one name, and one name only: PRIYANKA.

Born in Whitby, Ontario, the journey started for Priyanka (the drag superstar alter-ego of Mark Suknanan) with a career in television. She studied at Niagara College and interned for Rogers Television and MTV Canada, until she finally fought her way up to become the first web host of YTV’s "The Next Star". Nicknamed "Suki", she toured Canada as the face of "Next Star Nation" which quickly became the heart beat of the  show. Her successes immediately parlayed into an even bigger platform when she was hand-picked by YTV as the face of their flagship after school program “The Zone”. For 6 six years, Priyanka was the face of Canadian children's television, not only starring in, but writing and producing her own segments for her young fans airing between such favourite shows as:  Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Odd Parents. In the spring of 2018, after being taken under the wing of top Toronto drag performer: Xtacy Love, Priyanka was born! She took the city by storm, sweeping the drag scene and snatching the crown in both the Miss Crews & Tangos pageant, and Woody’s: Queen of Halloween. She's performed in every major city across Canada, Chicago & Dominican Republic and most recently graced the cover of Now Toronto after being named they cities "Number One Drag Entertainer" With live shows filling almost every day of the week, two self-produced singles with accompanying music videos on iTunes aptly named: “You Look so Good” and “Say My Name”, and a weekly Series on YouTube, she is one of the hardest working entertainers in the business.


Appeared on

  • Jan 31 2022

    EPISODE 17: Geography with Priyanka

    Drag superstar Priyanka talks about being a handball athlete and wearing her brothers' hand-me-downs. Then she tells us about an iconic Canada's Drag Race moment. Finally, Spencer and Priyanka battle in both a reading challenge and a geography quiz.
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  • Nov 22 2017

    Squirrel Talk! Feat. PRIYANKA!

    Canadian drag queens Vicki Lix and Ivory Towers are joined by fresh faced Priyanka! Together they discuss being a television personality, being a brand spankin' new queen, bringing Bollywood to drag, and what is a considered a consensual GOOD TOUCH!
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