Ryan Henry

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  • Sep 29 2020

    Episode 7.166: Ben Davies & Ryan Henry

    The Celtics lose to the Heat in six and the Lakers/Heat Finals start this week. A weird Fall off-season is coming!
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  • Dec 11 2019

    Episode 7.129: Miguel Rivas & Ryan Henry

    The 16-7 Raps went 0-3 against the measuring-stick session with Miami, Houston, and Philly, but the game of the season is upon us! That’s right. Kawhi’s return to Toronto. Special guests joining us this week: Miguel Rivas and Ryan Henry!
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  • Mar 20 2019

    Episode 6.100: 100th Episode Celebration!

    The Raptors got their 50th win for the fourth year in a row and we are celebrating our 100th episode! We’re doing a special call-in episode with ten of our favourite guests, all giving us their hot takes on various...
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  • Mar 06 2019

    Episode 6.99: Ryan Henry & Cathryn Naiker

    The Raptors are 46-18 and going into the Houston game, they playoffs are getting closer! Who should be more worried, the Lakers or the Celtics? Should the NBA change the regular season or the playoffs in any way? Guests :...
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