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It’s Become a Whole Thing (32)

It’s Become a Whole Thing
Sep 19 2023 Guest

Jon & Kate Plus 8 S3E23: Bubblegum Horrorshow

Join Emily & Sammy P for the darkest journey they've taken yet; into the home of Jon and Kate Gosselin in the year 2008. The quintuplets were 3 and the twins were 7.
Sep 05 2023 Guest

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation S6E20: SAMMI IS BACK!!

It's the return of Sammi Sweetheart after nearly a decade off our screens. She returns to film with the cast of Jersey Shore and unpack her issues with each of them.
Sep 01 2023 Guest

Sister Wives S17E1: One Wife Left

We take a look at the polygamist family as they're on the precipice of crumbling and going from 4 wives to 1 in front of our eyes. If you've never seen an episode before, this is a great place to catch up.
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