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  • Oct 08 2019

    The Comedian Sandra Battaglini

    Our guest is the comedian Sandra Battaglini, who stops by to talk about movies, growing up in Sudbury, Italian trips to Toronto, and her work with the Canadian Association of Stand-Up Comedians.
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  • May 11 2018

    Sandra Battaglini And Rocks

    A barista is found dead at Indie Coffee Shop, the Indie Coffee Shop, and fellow barista Marcie (Sandra Battaglini) tries her best not to be bitter about it. Marcie's cool boyfriend Rocks visits, and they talk about Marcie's garbage parties,...
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  • Jan 17 2018

    Episode 9: Interview with Comedian Sandra Battaglini

    In episode nine of the Ego Podcast, I am joined by award winning stand up comedian, writer and actress, Sandra Battaglini. Sandra shares her experience with meditation and kundalini yoga and explains how she uses these practices in unison with...
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