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Spooked! (9)

May 28 2023 Guest

Ep. 385 – Sean Cullen’s Illuminati Plans

Today on Spooked! Cody farts like a baby, Damien explains a painting to Picasso, and Sean comes from a long belt dynasty. It's all about keeping your pants up, so get your finest genuine leather, grab some big fancy buckles, and get ready to get Spooked!
Mar 27 2023 Guest

Ep. 376 – Toronto Comicon 2023 With Steve Agee and Sean Cullen

The Spooky Comicon!
Sep 19 2022 Guest

Ep. 350.3 – Sean Cullen and Jessica Holmes

The Spooky Zookeeper and Parrot Today on Spooked! It's part three of our seven year Spooktacular and we're serving up a couple comedy icons! So get your autograph book, snap some Polaroids, and get ready to get Spooked!
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